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Program Benefits - Become a Partner and combine the power of BenderXpert with the resources, support and expertise of the Agency Partner Program to win more business, expand your offerings, provide outsized value to clients and drive business growth.

  • Introduce Generative AI Solutions to your customers and join the AI Mega Trend while we

  • Winning with BenderXpert AI Solutions

    Revenue sharing - Refer business and earn revenue share to offset agency costs, or reinvest to level up your service offering.

  • BenderXpert AI services help you grow faster

    Partner for growth - Engage your dedicated growth partner to craft agency AI services, strategize on your offering and leverage BenderXpert services to grow your business.

Partner with BenderXpert and gain access to new revenue streams with AI.
It's pretty simple: We build it, You resell it for profit. Your customer gets more value.

The easiest way for you to offer AI solutions to your customers is by partnering with an AI Automation Agency that do all the work on your behalf.
You have existing customers and many of them would like to use AI but don't really know where to start. As a BenderXpert partner, you can now have us engage to help your customer while you making profit over the AI services. Win-Win for all.

Example: You customer have a website, you have have built it and maintain even manage their digital marketing...adding AI chatbot to their website to automate Sales Lead Generation is a great way to increase value of all marketing efforts and increase conversions. BenderXpert engineering team builds the integration and automation while you manage the relationship with the customer. Commission from revenue is paid to BenderXpert partners.

White Glove (Adding AI Service under your brand) - Yes, we offer white glove service where all work is done under your brand without mentioning BenderXpert. In this scenario you are always the front line and first contact for your customer with our support on the backend.

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